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Jazz Arts Academy At The Basie

Jazz Arts Academy at the Basie

Ages: 13-19

Sundays: 4PM - 6PM

APR 19 – JUN 21
Instructor: JOE MUCCIOLI


The Jazz Arts Academy is a comprehensive, year-round jazz studies program presented by the Basie Academy in association with Jazz Arts Project, Inc. The program offers expert musical mentoring with performance ensembles, improvisation, general musicianship, coaching, special workshops and jam sessions, in addition to jazz repertory and discussions about the history of jazz.  The program provides middle school and high school aged students with a ‘centralized jazz scene,’ a place where they can supplement their school music program, meet new players from the entire region and gain valuable skills and experience in a safe, fun and professional atmosphere.

Music Program Location:
65 Chestnut Street, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

Spring Session: Sundays: April 19 – June 21


For more information on the Jazz Arts Academy at the Basie, call 732.224.8778 x 125.

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