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Musical Education Overview

We believe that the best way to learn music is through private instruction with group lessons that provide the basics. Through private instruction students are given individual, one on one attention and instruction at their own pace. Our staff of musical professionals will guide your student in all aspects of their chosen instrument, reading and understanding sheet music and performance techniques. Group lessons provide a more basic overview and an opportunity for students to learn from each other, as well as stand on their own in a group of musicians.



All of the Conservatory’s programs are based in a philosophy that music education enriches both the individuals and the society. It maintains that music studies can benefit anyone, at any age or circumstance, enhancing appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of this art form, while promoting the discipline and focus necessary to succeed in music as well as in life.

Going Beyond Private Instruction

While individual music education is the core of our curriculum, the Conservatory also provides group classes in music theory; live performance opportunities; and involvement in music-based community outreach to round out the student’s educational experience.

Recommended Course Path

Many Conservatory students are interested in taking music courses in college.  Some want to pursue a music major or minor; others choose music courses as electives.  In any case, the education at the Conservatory helps to prepare our students for college courses.  This preparation includes proficiency on an instrument as well as the necessary music theory foundation in order to succeed at the college level. 

String Orchestras

Ensemble- playing opportunities for stringed instrument players and others, from beginners to advanced.

Chamber Music Program

Student explore chamber music repertoire in small groups including duets, trios, quartets, and quintets.

Student Recital Series

Students of all levels and ages develop performance skills by playing in recitals and attending recitals of other students throughout the semester. Teh Conservatory recommends (but does not require) that students perform in one recital per semester, subject to approval of the teacher.

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Upcoming Events

Duo Petrof, piano

May 21, 2017
04:00 PM

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Duo Petrof

May 21, 2017
04:00 PM

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