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Modern Guitar

The guitar is an ancient and noble instrument whose history can be traced back over 4000 years.

Building on this history, the new Modern Guitar Program at the Monmouth Conservatory of Music will focus on the understanding and execution of the fundamentals of guitar playing in a contemporary style.

This includes:

As the student progresses we will add:

The teachers that will instruct this new program are aware that desire, motivation, and enthusiasm are of the utmost importance to student success. The Conservatory is proud to say that they have recruited two outstanding players and teachers: Kevin Kelley and Charlie Ruggirello. They will communicate concepts and skills clearly, evaluate your technical skills and troubleshoot problems, create a warm and friendly environment, and inspire you to greatness.
Lessons will accommodate all ages, levels and styles. While the guitar can be a challenging instrument, only the best teachers can turn it into fun. That is what we will do at the new Modern Guitar Program at the Monmouth Conservatory of Music. 

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Upcoming Events

Vladislav Kovalsky, Oleg Vassiliev

Feb 25, 2017
04:00 PM

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Red Bank regional High School chorus

Apr 01, 2017
04:00 PM

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Chamber Music

Apr 23, 2017
04:00 PM

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